Thursday, 10 November 2011

Year 2 Kitchen Fight Editorial

Kitchen Fight editorial..Not very happy..I will have to change it before I have to hand it in

Year 2 Night Milk Editorial

This is my favorite Editorial so far. The article was about a new patent called night milk, that helps insomniac people. I really enjoyed doing it because I used more than one media. I used pencils, watercolours, photoshop and whatever I could find and looked fun to work with.

Year 2 Electrical Appliances Editorial

So this was for an article about smart appliances that can be turned on and off from a computer or smart phone..After several attempts and different ideas, this is the one I submitted. I left the hands and background black, to emphasise the phone and all the "smart" applications.

Year 2 Tokyo Editorial

This is my first ever attempt to an editorial Illustration. We were given part of a "Lonely Planet" article about Tokyo as a holiday destination.. Not so crazy about the smiling sushi but loving the rest..
What do you think?

Uni work Year 1

Im currently studying Illustration in Wolverhampton... Im not head over heels about the course but I must admit some some of the projects are quite cool.. What do you think?

This was a project about a client who wanted covers for Childrens fashion books.. They didnt like it
I dont like it either, but it was fun doing it and sewing all the parts.

This one was an interpretation of a childrens poem called "the garden" if I remember correctly..
 Same poem as above...
 Lloyds TSB advert. They gave us some phrases that represent the bank. I chose, we act wisely. The next 2 pieces represent wisdom, with the 3 wise animals of the forest, and below that, a woman portrayed as an oak tree.

Blast from the past..

So I've been updating my portfolio for a job interview and I found these bad boys...dont even remember doing them... The New York ones a the bottom are my favorite I think..
 I might start doing stuff like that


The beginning...

So after jumping on the twitter train and all the other social media, I decided it was time to join the blog world as well. Dont worry I wont be writing my thoughts 'cause I'm sure it will scare people away. What I'm gonna do instead, is post some artwork that I've done through years and some uni work that I'm doing now and I'm also gonna post stuff that I like and inspire me....Hope you enjoy, and I would love some feedback :) Cheers