Thursday, 10 November 2011

Year 2 Kitchen Fight Editorial

Kitchen Fight editorial..Not very happy..I will have to change it before I have to hand it in

Year 2 Night Milk Editorial

This is my favorite Editorial so far. The article was about a new patent called night milk, that helps insomniac people. I really enjoyed doing it because I used more than one media. I used pencils, watercolours, photoshop and whatever I could find and looked fun to work with.

Year 2 Electrical Appliances Editorial

So this was for an article about smart appliances that can be turned on and off from a computer or smart phone..After several attempts and different ideas, this is the one I submitted. I left the hands and background black, to emphasise the phone and all the "smart" applications.

Year 2 Tokyo Editorial

This is my first ever attempt to an editorial Illustration. We were given part of a "Lonely Planet" article about Tokyo as a holiday destination.. Not so crazy about the smiling sushi but loving the rest..
What do you think?

Uni work Year 1

Im currently studying Illustration in Wolverhampton... Im not head over heels about the course but I must admit some some of the projects are quite cool.. What do you think?

This was a project about a client who wanted covers for Childrens fashion books.. They didnt like it
I dont like it either, but it was fun doing it and sewing all the parts.

This one was an interpretation of a childrens poem called "the garden" if I remember correctly..
 Same poem as above...
 Lloyds TSB advert. They gave us some phrases that represent the bank. I chose, we act wisely. The next 2 pieces represent wisdom, with the 3 wise animals of the forest, and below that, a woman portrayed as an oak tree.

Blast from the past..

So I've been updating my portfolio for a job interview and I found these bad boys...dont even remember doing them... The New York ones a the bottom are my favorite I think..
 I might start doing stuff like that